Horda Herzog Felwrath
Herzog Felwrath
Title Kor'kron Legionary
Gender Male
Race Orc
Character class Warlock
Age 38 years old
Height 7'5"
Weight Unknown
Birthplace Somewhere at Draenor
Affiliation(s) KorkronIcon Kor'kron
Former Affiliation(s) Neutro Dark Horde
Status Deceased

Herzog Felwrath is both a warrior and a warlock that hails from the Blackrock clan. He is among the many survivors of the Dark Horde who joined Garrosh's Horde and became part of his Kor'kron force.

Vendetta Conflict

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See: Vendetta Conflict

Herzog was left in charge of the Kor'kron occupying the Ruins of Taurajo under orders of Overseer Balrocia Dreadhowl as a test of leadership. Should he successfully maintain the soon-to-be base camp's activities to an acceptable degree, he would be promoted.

However, after the quilboar prison break, Balrocia received news that part of the supplies from Taurajo were stolen and some bulwarks were found being wielded by the Bristleback prisoners, which greatly angered her. Without even talking to him, Balrocia disregarded the failure and gave him a second chance.

Herzog Felwrath (Demon Form)

After the Legion slaughtered the hordes of Felguards he summoned, Herzog absorbed their essences and transformed.

Not so long later, Vendetta Point was visited by Herzog, who wished to discuss a possible battle plan for his forces to strike the rebel coalition with a back attack against Grey Point from the Ruins of Taurajo. After the meeting was done, Herzog returned to Taurajo with a battalion of Kor'kron and Balrocia and Daw'gar by his side, the overseer was about to shout her orders when she noticed the piles of loyalist corpses and the camp completely inactive. That was enough for the Kor'kron Overseer, Dreadhowl slid down from her worg's back and pulled Herzog off of his mount and kicked him frontally in the chest, causing the warrior warlock to fall on the ground and then take an axe to his face, Balrocia's wild axe sinking into his flesh and destroying his ribs and lungs such was the power of her throw.

Shortly after Balrocia's departure, the demonic properties of his soulstone ressurected him, the orc spotting the Grey Legion near him and soon associating them to the slaughter of his manpower. The warlock warrior immediately attacked the rebel group, determinate to show them how even "the trash of Hellscream" could crush those who stood against the Warchief's will.

Not even after summoning hordes of Felguards and absorbing their demonic essences to turn into a Fel Orc did Herzog become strong enough to best his enemies, though he did crush, but not kill, two of them. Regardless, Herzog was killed by the combined might of Leugim and Initiates She'fei, Shardelise and Tanadria.